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Product Designer with 6 years of experience working at Nike Inc, with strong visual communication and verbal skills



Jordan FOOTWEAR Designer I, Beaverton, Or

  • Created Friends and Family merch which contained a pack for our Fearless Flyers achievements that included a blanket as well as apparel and footwear

  • Responsible for bringing fresh intuitive ideas to the market place for the consumer

  • Accountable for delivering innovative compelling designs that captive basketball consumers to immerse themselves in Jordan lifestyle footwear

  • Responsible with taking Jordan Kids footwear to the next level with comfortability and ease entry while still maintaining the heritage of the brand


Jordan Equipment Designer I, Beaverton, Or

  • Led the design of Jordan Brand statement headwear which continues to have a 70% + sale through while being able to sustain a margin of 65%+

  • Worked with cross functional teams through out Nike Inc (Headwear, Socks, Bags and NXT) to create provocative surprising design solutions

  • Led the design direction and material application for pinnacle statement bag. AirJordan XI 89% sale through

  • Responsible for captivating inspiration and stories that resonated with the basketball consumer to make them fearless fliers

  • Accountable for delivering innovative compelling designs that captive basketball consumers thus more then doubling the growth of Jordan Equipment / Accessories business


SP/SU17 - Socks C.O.E CSL Project

  • Worked with cross functional partners in creating a compelling basketball compression sock for the consumers needs


SP/SU/F/H16 - Jordan Brand Footwear JSW (Jordan Sportswear)

  • Responsible for creating and delivering compelling footwear designs by preparing sketches, visual inspiration and tech sheets to Asia factories. Six models were brought forward into the line - Jordan Galaxy, Jordan Executive Mid, Jordan Executive Low, Jordan Hydro 5 Slide, Jordan Nouveau, Jordan Hi-Tech

March - September 2015 - Innovation Apparel NXT

  • Responsible for understanding the process of creating performance apparel in 3D


Nike Bags center of excellence design intern, Beaverton, OR

  • Responsible with delivering a fresh perspective in bag design with compelling solutions for the consumers needs


New Balance Footwear Innovation DESIGN Intern, Boston, MA

  • Tasked with and completed inventing a leveling system tool that embraced different degrees at which the foot sits on the footbed to endure comfort while running

New Balance Footwear Lifestyle Design INtern, Boston, MA 

  • Responsible for delivering a fresh perspective in consumer knowledge with compelling solutions for profit growth within the lifestyle category which lead to a women's specific lifestyle shoe



  • Diversity X Design 2019 Apprenticeship, Beaverton, OR

  • PENSOLE Academy, Portland,OR

  • BRS X ACMA Design Academy, Beaverton, OR

  • Alder Elementary School, Beaverton, OR

  • NSIF (Nike Student Innovation Fund) Beaverton, OR

  • NPCE - SEI, Portland, OR

  • Norland Middle School, Miami, FL

  • Design and Architecture Senior High, Miami, FL

Inspiring the next generation of designers with passionate stories of my journey into the design realm while also teaching practices of good design discplines


international travel

  • Switzerland

  • Shanghai

  • North Shanghai

  • Guangzhou

  • Amsterdam

  • Israel ( Tel Aviv - Hafia)



  • College for Creative Studies, Detroit MI
    BFA, Bachelors of Fine Arts in Product Design
    Minor, Illustrator Design

  • Design and Architecture Senior High, Miami Fl


  • Pensole Academy, Portland, OR

  • Eustace Robinson Footwear Pattern Making, Portland,OR

  • Art Center College for Design (Junior summit), Pasadena, CA



  • Future 50 Designers - PENSOLE

  • Panelist Speaker - African American Footwear Forum

  • Nike Immersion Program - Amsterdam



  • Strong Presentation skills

  • Strong Networking skills

  • Strong Sketching & Visual communication skills

  • Strong 3D making skills

  • Strong Illustrator skills

  • Strong Adaptability and Flexibility skills